Caniglia is part of The Nerdrum School Exhibition

Jeremy Caniglia is part of this summer’s exhibition with selected Nerdrum students!
Caniglia Stolt av å være en av utstillerne på denne utstillingen!

The group exhibition is titled “Nerdrumklanen IV“. “The sun shatters into amber flakes fluttering on winds of what could have been” is one of four Caniglia drawings available at Raugland gård Gallery. The group exhibition with past and current students of Odd Nerdrum is currently on view. Odd Nerdrum also has special print works available. The Gallery is located at Helgeroveien 257, Stavern, Norway.

Thank you and more exciting updates coming soon.

-Jacqui: Director of Caniglia-Art

caniglia group exhibition
Nerdrumklaven 4
New Show of Nerdrum school alumni and current students

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