My summer at The Nerdrum School was the best experience of my life. The drawing in this post is by Odd Nerdrum that he did of me. He made me into a monk for this pose. Every evening we would have drawing sessions as well as painting sessions outdoors…all from life. There is no greater painter than Odd Nerdrum. His command of painting and storytelling is in the realm of Rembrandt and Titian. Odd is not just a painter, he is a writer, philosopher, teacher, and friend to those who are willing to seek the eternal and timeless in their work. He taught me a lot of things but most of all to strive like hell and shoot in the middle when you paint. Røvik Gård is a special place and The Nerdrum’s are an incredible family. This last picture was of the Nerdrum School with a rainbow over it. Røvik is a magical place.

Here is a link with info about the Nerdrum School…



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