Caniglia work featured at Paul Booth Last Rites Gallery

I would like to thank Paul Booth for putting on another incredible 13th Hour exhibition. It was great to catch up with so many past friends and colleagues. I am humbled to have my paintings side by side with so many globally-renowned painters. Paul’s vision for this show gives the viewer a glimpse of the human condition on a new level. The collection of pieces explore beauty, melancholy, the grotesque and the unknown. The sacred and the profane. The uncertainty of our existence as we seek to understand the impermanence of life on this planet.

Last Rites has become a premiere gallery for contemporary surrealism and a haven for artists who are not afraid of exploring and dissecting every aspect of the human condition to investigate the invisible, the unintelligible and the inexplicable with a focus on the most recondite twists and turns of reality.

The gallery strives to display a showcase of thought-provoking art imbued with references to the dreamlike landscapes and ambiguous feelings originated from an intimate, philosophical contemplation of the self. The gallery program is mainly focused on figurative paintings and sculptures featured by an unconventional interpretation of the human existence that seems to escape any definition of what is real, unreal or unknown.

My painting titled “Teardrops make no music, in the hallowed silence” will be on display through November.

Last Rites Gallery is located at 325 W 38th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, New York, NY.
Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 1pm to 9pm
For more information, please email or call: 212.560.0666.

If you are in NYC don’t miss the opportunity to see this rare one of kind exhibition at Paul Booth – Last Rites Gallery.


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