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Jeremy Caniglia part of FACE (Figurative Art Convention &Expo)

I finally had a chance to post about the FACE (Figurative Art Convention & Expo) that took place this past weekend in Miami, Florida. This was a huge gathering of some of the world’s top figurative painters, instructors, and traditional ateliers. It was a huge honor to be part of this new event. The atmosphere was electric and you could feel that a new renaissance has begun across the world from The Florence Academy to The Nerdrum School. The rebirth of traditional figurative painting is on the rise.

This event was the brainchild of Eric Rhoads and Peter Trippi of Fine Art Connoisseur. The event was held at the historic Biltmore Hotel. It was a weekend full of panel discussions, demos, philosophy, teaching techniques, and studio sessions with models to paint and draw from. #MichaelPearce also led great panels from the TRAC side of the conference.

The highlight of the convention for me was my wonderful niece #FinaMooney speech at the opening ceremony about “The role of youth and the rebirth of figurative art”. #MandyTheis also gave an incredible talk on the DaVinci Initiative a skill based teaching method that I use with my students. The incredible demos by my friends and fellow colleagues #MichaelMentler, David Leffel, Max Ginsburg, Sherrie McGraw, Dan Gerhartz, and John Coleman were stunning and inspiring. I had a great time catching up with #VirgilElliott, Daniel Graves, Jordon Sokol, Gregory Mortenson, and Cesar Santos.

It was wonderful to discuss techniques, beauty, philosophical aspects of storytelling, and kitsch with so many painters. The only thing missing for me was my friend Odd Nerdrum, who would bring another deeper dimension of storytelling to the event. I am looking forward to next years’ conference and pushing figurative painting more into the light.

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