Caniglia Lecture and Workshop-“Into Purer Light”

Jeremy Caniglia will be giving a lecture and workshop at Iowa State University on Monday April 16 from 7:00-8:30pm

Caniglia’s lecture is titled “Into Purer Light”. The lecture will focus on his new series of work as well as the Nerdrum School and the Future of Figurative Painting. He will discuss his experience working with the figurative master Odd Nerdrum at The Nerdrum School.  The lecture will cover the current state of figurative painting and discuss where it is headed. He will also discuss his new solo exhibition “Into Purer Light” and how the paintings he created transcend time and place and push new boundaries in figurative painting.

Caniglia will also be directing a portrait drawing and still life painting workshop. The workshop will be held at Iowa State Universities College of Design on Tuesday April 17th

Caniglia’s workshop will offer painters an opportunity to compose, draw, and paint a still life or portrait using direct observation along with historical techniques and conventions. The incredible variety of available objects, materials and textures and the endless combinations in which they can be arranged, offers the contemporary painter an inexhaustible source for inspiration and study.

This event is made possible by the very gracious sponsorship of the Department of Art & Visual Culture and CODAC (College of Design Art Club

Here is a link to the lecture and workshop:

Into Purer Light: Jeremy Caniglia Lecture

Jeremy Caniglia Workshop

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