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Caniglia Honored with N. C. Wyeth Merit Award at Salmagundi

Last night, the Salmagundi Gallery in NYC awarded Jeremy Caniglia’s monotype “Remembering Rembrandt” with the prestigious N.C. Wyeth Merit Award which is the SCNY highest honor. Caniglia said he was “so surprised, humbled, honored and speechless”. It was a wonderful gathering of painters, printmakers and patrons.

Caniglia also stated, “This award has double meaning for me since N. C. Wyeth not only exhibited at Salmagundi but was a major influence on me and my work growing up in the Midwest as an isolated realist painter. Wyeth grew up on a farm, and developed a deep love of nature on his travels to the Midwest. Wyeth’s illustration is in a league of its own. His work brilliantly combines action and character study, enriching every story beyond the text. In every painting his superb sense of color and his ability to mix painterly passages with authentic detail prove him a master of the art. Complex compositions and his skillful use of intense light contrasted with deep shadow contribute to a palpable dramatic tension inherent in the paintings and his deep love for Caravaggio and the old masters. I just want to thank everyone who came out to the exhibition, to the Salmagundi Gallery Committee and the collectors who continue to support my vision so I can paint every day.”

Jeremy Caniglia will be part of the Salmagundi member exhibitions coming up in August and September.

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