Jeremy Caniglia Uncovers the Mystery Behind Rembrandt’s “Lucretia” and how he took the composition from Caravaggio.

Caniglia an art historian, professor and professional museum artist traveled to Rome, Sicily, Amsterdam and the Minneapolis Institute of Art on several occasions for his research. His newly published article took over 3 years to develop with in-depth analysis on Caravaggio’s influence on Rembrandt’s work. Few understand how Rembrandt copied Caravaggio’s work through mimesis and altering his compositions from male to female. Caniglia shows the direct connection in this groundbreaking article. His discoveries have been shared with the Galleria Borghese and the Caravaggio Research Institute in Rome. Caniglia will be touring a lecture series to universities and museums on his discoveries when Covid slows down and permits him to travel again. Click on the link to read the groundbreaking article…Rembrandt – Caravaggio Article

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