Caniglia’s drawing receives Salmagundi’s highest honor.

Salmagundi Museum and Gallery announced that Jeremy Caniglia’s drawing “Silent Spring” won the Jane Peterson Memorial award in NYC. His drawing was based off his love for Rachel Carson’s 1962 book “Silent Spring”. Caniglia is currently working on a series of new works for a future solo-exhibition dedicated to the Silent Spring as well.

Carson exposed the truth about DDT and how it was causing cancer at alarming rates in humans and at the same time destroying biodiversity. She exposed nature’s vulnerability and how silent our springs would be if we kept using these types of pesticides. Rachel held an ecological view of nature, describing in precise yet poetic language the complex web of life that linked mollusks to seabirds to the fish swimming in the ocean’s deepest and most inaccessible reaches to our own precious drinking water.

Caniglia said he was humbled to receive the news from Salmagundi Gallery & Museum in NYC. “I would also like to thank the family of Jane Peterson who the award memorializes and the Salmagundi committee who chose my work.”

Salmagundi continues to be an advocate that champions realism that pushes boundaries, the American Masters and the very best of narrative painting.

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