Caniglia – Creating a Palette-able Planet

Jeremy Caniglia’s latest article is now available to read from Solutions journal / magazine. Solutions is the leading academic journal devoted to showcasing bold and innovative ideas for solving the world’s integrated ecological, social, and economic problems. The publication features the world’s top scientist, activist, and artist who are developing and discussing seriously creative ideas to solve society’s most pressing problems in an integrated way for a sustainable and desirable future.
Each issue has a forum for in-depth and far-reaching discussions of social goals and future visions. In this issue Caniglia discusses how his drawings and paintings over the past 25 years have taken on a new form of art activism to bring awareness to issues that many turn away from. Caniglia’s work and activism in his paintings have always dealt with the inequality, racism, and injustice that he witnessed on the streets and in the communities he lived.
In the last 8 years, he has taken more time out to lecture at universities and schools, as well as for community outreach programs. His lectures explain how he uses painting as a visual language to tell stories. Specifically, Caniglia explains how his current series of work focuses on addressing climate change and educating the public on urban regenerative agriculture and the importance of native plants that can help save our pollinators.
Caniglia dedicated a series of drawings to Rachel Carson’s research sounding the alarm with images of strong women and pollinators surrounding them, as they become the voice for anyone listening to the global warning sounded about climate change. In his latest art exhibition coming in 2021/22, he has created an entire series of pieces dedicated to Silent Spring.
If you would like to read about Jeremy Caniglia’s latest work and research, you can read the online version of the publication or purchase the magazine at your local bookstores.
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