Caniglia is known for his emotionally charged and often unsettling work, which focuses on the human condition and our natural world. Striking, illuminating, foreboding, offensive, haunting and always poignant, Caniglia’s paintings wallow in the glories of expansiveness and of timeless places. His influences range from Caravaggio to Kathe Kollwitz. An avid activist for change, Caniglia supports the fight to take on the most pressing environmental issues facing our world. His themes and subjects include the climate crisis, threats to pollinators, diversity, inclusion and tackling equity issues of disparities in society. His studio is a small science museum and the models in his paintings are family members, friends, fellow artists, and sometimes himself. Caniglia studied under Brenda Jones at ISU, Grace Hartigan at the Hoffberger School of Painting, Dionisio Cimarelli at The Art Students League and Odd Nerdrum at the Nerdrum School.

Caniglia is an adjunct professor, curator and an art historian. He has published articles on what it takes to be an art activist as well as old master techniques on Caravaggio and Rembrandt. He is also a successful painter, his work is showcased in private collections around the world. His art is published worldwide on a regular basis and he has contributed to both joint and solo fine art exhibitions at museums and galleries that include the Society of Illustrators (NY), the Allentown Art Museum, the Walters Art Museum, the Joslyn Art Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley,  Coprogallery, Paul Booth / Last Rites Gallery, Abend / 1261 Gallery, La Luz de Jesus and Salmagundi (SCNY).

Caniglia’s work has been featured in various magazines and publications including the Washington Post, CNN, Art Renewal Center (ARC), American Art Collector, Fine Arts Connoisseur, Spectrum Fantastic Art Annuals, IlluXcon Art Annuals, and Infected By Art Annuals.  He has worked with such authors and bands as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Max Brooks, Peter Straub, William Peter Blatty, Michael Moorcock, Sigur Ros and Blink 182.

Caniglia’s work has appeared in over 120 books and movies produced by Random House, Pyr Publishing, The Folio Society, Cemetery Dance Publications, Dorchester Publishing, Easton Press, IDW Publishing, Anchor Bay Entertainment, IDT Entertainment, Showtime Networks and Warner Brothers among others. He has received World Fantasy and Hugo nominations for his illustration work. Caniglia received the 2004 International Horror Guild Award for best artist in dark fantasy, the IlluXCon 2012 Artist award, in 2015 he received the Iowa State University College of Art and Design Achievement award. In 2018 he received the Salmagundi Club’s SCNY, N. C. Wyeth merit award for his work in printmaking and painting.

In 2020, award winning director David Weiss directed a documentary short film about Caniglia’s life and work. This documentary was selected for Nebraska short films encore screening at the 2020 Omaha Film Festival and is currently being screened at festivals in the United States and Europe.

Caniglia’s work continues to push boundaries, his devotion and advocacy of the figure and human condition are a felt reality full of symbolism and metaphors that transcend time and place.